Polaroid, 2018
This is an example of my film photography. I enjoy trying different cameras (mostly passed down or found at second-hand stores) to find their uniqueness. This was taken with a Polaroid Spectra System
Wallack's Window Display, 2018
This is a storefront window display me and a small team of students designed and installed. We were given a budget and a week's time to create the display, followed by an afternoon to install it. ​​​​​​​Team: Mina Morcos, Jun-Won Kim, Ben Koskowich, Eduardo Soto-Danseco
Botanical Print, 2017
This was an exploration of linoleum carving and printing. I created this flower pattern and stamped it on different objects, like the tote bag pictured here
Dining Room Sets, 2020
As part of a commission, I was asked to design 6 dining room furniture collections within the themes of farmhouse, industrial modern, and mid-century modern, and for 2 different markets – commercial and avant-garde. I curated interior spaces and designed furniture pieces within the span of 2 weeks.
Sketchbook, ongoing
This is a glimpse of what I like to do in my free time. The works here are a sketchbook cover I made using dried flowers and canvas, doodles of patterns and compositions, and a simple pattern I created 
Watercolours, ongoing
These are examples of abstract compositions I like to paint in watercolour. Although created at a small scale (about 3x5"), these could be scaled up and printed onto fabrics, postcards, or larger prints